Internship Opportunities

Rally House Farm is a small family owned urban hydroponic farm based in Nashville Farmers Market.  Our mission is to be a year-round source for our community of local sustainable high quality produce through innovation and advanced technology.  Our specialties are culinary herbs and leafy greens including mini- and full-head lettuces, arugula, mustard greens, and kale. 

We are proud to grow leafy greens locally here in Nashville with less water, less time, less space, and with no harmful/synthetic pesticides or herbicides then conventional soil based farms. We do this using 256 vertical, hydroponic, 7 foot growing towers in a modified 320 square foot modified shipping container.  

We want to foster a close relationship with our community with outreach and education in order to better meet the community needs for fresh produce and create a conversation about the economic, social, and environmental benefits of local sustainable food.  

What to Expect 

The goal of our internship program is to cultivate individuals into the next generation of urban farmers and sustainable agricultural advocates.  This Internship is intended to provide our interns with the practical skills and working knowledge in hydroponic farming one cannot gain by reading a book. 

This internship consists of extensive hands-on experience with all aspects of operating and maintaining a small sustainable hydroponic container farm. This is done using direct mentorship education and training.  Teaching and learning are integral parts of our mission, and we do regular check-ins with to make sure that people are learning what they want, and so that feedback can flow both directions

The internship will provide you with many opportunities for learning and skill building, but how much you get out of it will in large part be up to you and how actively you pursue these opportunities.

Hours and duration of the internship are determined at the outset of the internship between the farmer and intern.  Generally this is a part time internship and minimum length is 3 months and 10 hours a week.  We will try to work with intern to accommodate internship hours and class schedule. Busiest days at the farm are Friday through Sunday.  Unlike conventional soil based farm internships that require a commitment for a 9 month season a hydroponic farms have no season so there are many opportunities to participate in seeding transplanting and harvesting experience and proficiency in a controlled environment every week.  

Qualifications and Skills

Candidates are 18 years old or older with some college experience.  Interested in sustainable agriculture. Prior experience with hydroponics a plus but not required. We will give preference to students who will be applying college credit for their internship with us

We are looking for people who have a big heart and love to:

·    Problem solve

·    Use tools and technology

·    Willingness to learn and work hard

·     To learn via observation and questioning in addition to "direct" teaching

·     To teach and share their knowledge

·    Grow food

·    Help Make A Difference

We are looking for you if you are:

·     Punctual

·     Polite

·     Dedicated

·     Driven

·     Self-Starter

·     Environmentally conscious

·     Good with people of all ages, colors, genders, religions, sexual orientations and abilities


·      Education and hands on experience operating a hydroponic farm.  Interns will benefit from training and hands on experience that can include but not limited to; good agricultural practices, crop planning, seeding, nutrient dosing, transplanting, harvesting, cleaning, community education and marketing

·      We encourage students to apply for college credit for their internship time  and will supply documentation required by the university for the student to accomplished this

·      The intern position is not entitled to wages for the time spent working at the farm. This is an unpaid internship but depending on length and number of hours we may offer a very modest stipend to defray expenses. 

·      Please be aware that as a very small family farm, we do not provide interns with health insurance or workers compensation


If you need further information or you have any questions about the internship opportunity with Rally House Farms, please contact David Goodman at or leave a message here!


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