about us

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Rally house farms is the first Nashville based urban hydroponic farm utilizing recycled insulated shipping containers to grow produce hydroponically.

By growing our produce in an enclosed container using hydroponic technology we provide healthy and fresh local produce all year round.



our roots

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Our name, Rally House Farms, derives from our connection with Rally House Recovery Homes, based in Nashville, TN. David Goodman, Co-Founder of Rally House Homes, is one of Rally House Farms' founding members.

While Rally House Farms is an autonomous for-profit local business, because of our experience, we feel it is our calling to one day help serve this community by helping to provide temporary structure and employment to individuals who are unable to pay normal transitional living admission costs and whom struggle to find healthy and meaningful employment while building the foundations of recovery.

About The Farm

We aim to provide hyper-local leafy greens and herbs to the Nashville area. Using 90% less water and only a fraction of the physical space of traditional farms, our hydroponic growing system has turned a once useless paved area off the corner of Murfreesboro Pike and Fesslers Lane, into a thriving place of sustainable growth.
Because our produce is grown hydroponically, there is no need for the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. We've created the best growing conditions to produce the healthiest and best tasting food all year long, which is why our produce is often found on the menu of some your favorite local restaurants.